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Circumstances can change, sometimes significantly. Child custody and child support orders can be modified to accommodate those changes. However, in order to convince a court to make the modification, you or your former spouse will have to prove that the change was substantial. Whether you plan to seek a modification or have concerns that your former spouse wants to make a change, an experienced family law attorney can help. Anita L. Mayo has 17 years of experience and is the lead attorney at Family & Juvenile Law Omaha, Anita L. Mayo, PC, LLO.

Child Visitation Changes

As children age, it is not uncommon for their noncustodial parents to want to spend more time with them. Our attorney will work closely with you to determine whether a change to the visitation schedule would be in the best interests of the child. Changes to a parent's work schedule may also prompt a need to modify the parenting schedule.

Changes to child custody arise when one parent wants relocate with the child. If one parent requests a relocation, the visitation schedule will need to change. We can discuss the situation with you and help you understand which options are in your child's best interest.

Modification to a child custody order also becomes necessary when there are allegations of abuse. For instance, if two parents share custody and one parent is accused of abusing the child, the other parent can pursue sole custody.

Modifications to Child Custody and Visitation


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