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Military Divorce

Military divorce gives rise to specialized issues that are best handled by an attorney with experience in military divorce. Family & Juvenile Law Omaha, Anita L. Mayo, PC, LLO, is a Nebraska law firm that handles military divorces.

Child Custody Relocation

When a military spouse is deployed and the other spouse wishes to move out of state, Nebraska's removal law applies. In a civilian removal case, the court will consider many factors, including the involvement of the parents, legitimate reasons to move, and each parent's motives. However, if military parents are deployed overseas, the courts will not count that time against them. If you are currently serving overseas, we can assert your interests and take action on your behalf while you are away.

Military Retirement Accounts

The division of military retirement accounts in a divorce is a very complicated matter. It is important to work with an attorney who has handled cases like these, as even small mistakes can be costly. If you have questions about whether the retirement account will be subject to division or whether you or your spouse will be eligible for military medical benefits, our military divorce lawyer can help.

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